Saturday, March 10, 2012

Promo II Blue Lens Review

This review is for Promo II Blue lenses that I purchased from
 The lenses can be found here
I've had these lenses since last summer, but haven't worn them much. 
I thought I'd do a review before I toss them. 
Once again I'll rate these on color, comfort and naturalness!
These are all just my own personal opinions! 

One lens - indoor lighting
 Both lenses - indoor lighting
Both lenses - flash
 Both lenses - flash (excuse the crazy eyes!)

Color - 4/5
Although these lenses are very bright in pictures, they are a darker blue than I expected.
You can only tell they are blue really close up.
Comfort - 3.5/5
I can wear these for about 5 hours before my eyes start drying.
Naturalness - 3/5
You can tell they are lenses from 2 feet away. 
They don't blend with dark eyes.

Overall - 3.5/5
These lenses would be good for a costume or for photos.

Would I purchase again?
The color is great for photos, but they aren't the most comfortable.

Thanks for reading! 


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